Johnson’s House Training Pads – Pack of 50


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These Johnson’s House Training Pads are ideal for toilet training in the home.

Suitable for puppies and dogs of all ages, these pads are made with a super absorbent gel that works to lock in any moisture and bad odours, keeping your floors and carpets clean. What?s more, the leak proof material dries in around 30 seconds, so your pet won?t find themselves wandering out with soggy paws.

Pads measure 45cm x 60cm.

Part of our Clean ‘n’ Safe range, these pads are big enough and absorbent enough to deal with the piddliest of pooches. Measuring 60cm X 45cm, each pad is made from a special non-woven fabric that contains a sheet of super absorbent silica gel.

As well as locking in moisture and destroying odours, this clever gel leaves the surface of the pad clean and dry in as little as 30 secs.

As well as providing a protective area indoors, House Training Pads are perfect for pet carriers, dog crates, and in cars when travelling. They can even be used for other animals such as kittens, house rabbits and more.



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