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We’ve all heard the quote sharing is caring, but when it comes to the following
foods, sharing is not always caring. A dog really never knows what is good for
him, even when he gives that cute puppy Dog face


Though groups are certainly delicious and offer many health benefites for
humans, they can be extremely harmful and even fatal for dogs.
Sure, they contain Vitamin A,B,C, but never consider it harmless.
We cant particularly say why grapes are so toxic. Its a sort of phenomenon that experts cannot
fully explain. But what is clearly known is that acute renal failure can occur in some dogs following  grape consumption.
Such an attack on the kidney can be quite abrupt and deadly


Never feed your dog chocolate, as reward or otherwise, any amount of chocolate.
I’m sure you have heard how dangerous chocolate is; this isnt a rumour and this delicious
treat can harm, if not kill, your precious pet. Theobromine, which is found in chocolate cannot be
properly metabolized by your pet which means it is literally quite deadly.
Consider all kinds of chocolate to be very dangerous for your dog. Milk, dark, white
or any variety should all be strictly off limits


Coffee is just a terrible idea and the thought of giving this to your pet should be quickly dismissed
It contains caffeine just like some form of chocolate can cause your dog to vomit, experience
diarrhea and have difficulty breathing.
Caffeine is a strong stimulant and it shares a few traits with drugs like amphetaminesm cocaine and heroin.
it can stimulate brain functions just like other drugs. Making it so harmful for dogs.
NEver give it to your dog. It doesnt know what is good for him
If your dog is suffering from any of these, it can be quite severe, you should
seek veterinary assistance as soon as possible.
You could also contact Jibola if you are wondering the implications of some symptoms you are noticing
You can reach him at +2348182463630 or Email him at

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