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It’s an interesting thing when you have finally uncovered the mysteries behind some of your dog’s absurd and unruly behavior. We might say that a dog likes chewing shoes because of its animal instincts as I have explained in the previous part of this article. Nevertheless, if we become too lenient with our dog by not making moves to stop it from being destructive, then we subject our valuable properties to destruction. Our shoes now become toys for the dog to play around with. To dog owners, if this seems to be an unacceptable behavior from your dog, then there has to be some measures you can actually put in place to caution the dog.

How do I stop my dog from the habit of tearing and chewing my shoes? Read on and find some useful tips…..

Train The Dog With Alternatives

The best way to do this is by training our dogs to avoid objects that we assign value to and offer the dog alternatives. However, alternatives that can be recommended in place of shoes are toys.

It might be quite hard for the dog to blend in or adjust, since the dog can passive by itself that the toys don’t smell appealing to them as human shoes does. Though there is no contest about the fact that a toy would smell of plastic, which is not necessarily a pleasant smell for a dog, whereas the shoe stinks of a human, which is a fantastic smell for a dog.

In this case where we are finally aware of the dog’s interest; the applicable manner of approach is by simply training the dog to ditch the smelly shoes in favor of the sterile toy.

How do I do this? One way to do this is to use chasing games to reinforce the relationship between the toy and the dog. Throwing the toy is a way to teach the dog to find toys attractive. Dogs are possessive. It’s part of their nature. The moment you dash over to take an object away from them, they will run off with it exactly the same way they would if another dog came over.

Scold The Dog Immediately

However, you can put an end to your dog’s unwanted behavior by scolding the dog immediately. Whatever your dogs chew, it’s important to discipline them immediately. Any scolding given after they’ve stopped the undesired action will have no effect on a dog’s future behavior. Dogs live in the moment. If you scream at them half an hour after they destroyed something, the only thing they would learn is that sometimes you act nuts. Though the dog may put on guilty looks when you yell at it, but the most harmful misconception is for people to believe that dogs understand the consequences of their past actions. The guilty look confuses owners, but it’s the only way dogs try to show that they don’t like being scolded.

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