Four things Dogs can smell that humans can’t

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Do you feel inferior to your pooch?

When it comes to sense of smell, maybe you should. Dogs have an incredibly heightened sense of smell but some of the things a dog’s nose can detect are just ridiculous. In fact, a dog relies on her sense of smell to interpret her world, in much as humans depend on their sight. Although this contrasting work may be hard to imagine, now that your dog interprets much information as you do.  To gain more respect for your dogs’ olfactory ability, compare it to a human nose. Though the size of human nose surface varies with the size and length of dogs, they detect smells far better than humans.

In this article, we’ll be talking about few of the things a trained dog can perceive that human beings can’t.


Dogs naturally can understand human feelings through facial expressions. They can also sense rises and drops in heart rates.








It’s an incredibly dangerous skill to have, but it’s one that comes with the highest regards. Some dogs, specifically tracking breeds are trained to smell different ores and metals typically used to make explosive devices.









This one is as sad as it is astounding. Unfortunately, in cases where people go missing or are thought to have drowned in a body of water, police forces use cadaver-smelling  trained dogs to detect where human remains lie.



Bed bugs are parasites that feed on hosts which is harmful to human health. Dogs are vast at detecting bed bugs at corners of the room to get rid of them quickly.

 Get your dogs trained and get more familiar with your pooch so as to be able to read and identify their actions and reactions with ease.


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