How To Potty Train Your Puppy

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Potty training can equally be referred to as  toilet training. It is the process of training on how to use the toilet for urination and defecation.
Potty training is a mutual task, requiring cooperation, consistency and understanding between the pup owner to the pup, and the best potty training techniques emphasize consistency and positive corrections over punishments  making it bearable for the dog and easier for the owner.
Puppies have no control of when or where they  pee/poo. Having a puppy pee in the house is definitely messy and will make the house stink.
It’s paramount that you combat this issue at early stage in the pup’s life and train them for potty use. it s really not a difficult task to potty train a puppy but however it requires patient and consistency, don’t stop training your dog until the desired result is achieved.  


 We encounter challenges in potty training our pups,and equally we need to be patient,calm, and be consistent.
Following the few guidelines below can be of great help.
Read more about the breed of dog you’ve chosen as a pet                       
Research your pups breed traits and behaviors that you need to know. Usually, puppies differs in their behaviours and tend to react and respond to trainings in different ways. Dogs are intelligent too but there’s a need to understand our pups so we won’t find their reactions scary and unusual.
Although most dogs are highly intelligent, they don’t think like humans do. It is often a problem when we expect them to understand simple command words or tell you that they need to pee or poop. For this reason, you must be willing to understand how they communicate with you and study the clues they give and get from you.
  Familiarize your new pup with its new environment and people around the house.                                      Introduce the pet to the areas you want them to roam not walking them around the whole house and later separating them from some areas around the house. To get expected training report , it is paramount to establish your expectations of your puppy and be consistent with them.
Always stay closer to where the puppy is.
 While potty training, it is ideal to keep your puppy close to where you can watch over it very well,this will help figure out early signs that will help prevent it from messing the environment. Signs include scratching,whining, barking, restlessness and sniffing itself. When this signs are being noticed, the dog should be led wherever you want for it as its potty zone.
Choose a potty zone.
  It is wise to pick a particular area easy to clean up outside or within the house and leash your pup there whenever need be.Your puppy will remember the smell of urine and start to associate the area as its potty zone. Until your puppy has had its third set of vaccines, you should avoid areas where other dogs go or have recently gone, such as parks to avoid infections or diseases.
  Always interrupt your pup whenever you see it pee/poo in unwanted places                                                                                    
Whenever you find your pup peeing/pooing in unwanted areas, interrupt by shouting or spanking or an audible NAY, then leash the pup to the necessary place. This is just to make the pup know that you disapprove it to pee/poo outside the normal place its being leashed to.
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