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The major reason why we own a pup is it to belong to the family, and as the family has a shelter of their own, so also it is required to get a home for our pup to make them comfortable. The crate is not a corrective measures for our pup but rather a comfortable room.




  • l Crate training is the best way to potty train our pup. While crate training our pup, we must build our pup by leashing them out of the crate so that it will not be messed up. In this course, we are also training our pup not to pee or poop in the crate unless they are leashed out of the crate.
  • lCrate is the best way to transport our pups from one place to another without being stressed.
  • l Crate training helps reduce our anxiety about the pups safety in our absence.
  • l The crate also is a place where the pup can comfortably relax itself in the house.
  • l Crate training also helps structure our pups life.





  • l The crate should be introduced to the pup as a new comfortable home and not a place to lock it whenever it does wrong
  • l The pups should be fed in their new comfortable room for them to be able to adjust quickly to the new home and avoid whining around the house.
  • l Practice staying or sitting closer to the crate with the pup in it for longer periods so that the pup can feel secure on getting used to the crate.
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