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Obedience training implies adherence to the basic command given by the handler/trainer. Obedience training is also a lifelong process of training and it takes a long period of time (6 to 8 weeks), depending on the breed of dog to be trained, response of the dog to training commands, consistency of the handler, the methods implored by the handler to train the dog and the environment in which the dog is being trained. Obedience training is the basis for or other forms of training. Obedience training can be said to mean a perfect communication with a dog through gestures and actions. In dog obedience training, dog owners plays a major role which makes the handler finds it easy to train the dog. In absence of the handler, the dog owner should take up the training commands to help in achieving the desired results on the dog. It is important to find out what our dog the most so that it can be applied to training as reward and encouragement to learn better. In addition to basic obedience training, there is the need to train your dog with positive reinforcement, giving treats to the dog for motivation to learn better.



The major reason for training a dog is to be well behaved and relate with people in a friendly way, not in aggressive kind of way. We teach instructions to address dogs behavioral faults.

Basic obedience training for dogs help create a healthy relationship between the pet and the owner and also people in its environs.

Basic obedience helps us to get familiar with the dog and to understand the communication gesture of the dog for better relationship.

This is also the best way to create a mutual trust and respect with the dog. Obedient dogs pay more attention to their owners and always feel safe.

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