Bringing in a dog or puppy into a new home for the first time.

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Getting a new puppy or dog requires a determination to be able to take good care of them as required. We don’t think of owning a dog by the fact that our neighbor owns one or we just want to have them around the house. Owning a dog requires a lot because most times puppies requires plenty of attentions and care to make them feel they belong to the new home.

For you to be sure that you’re set to get the pup of your choice and bring them into a new home with you,the following must be available;

1.Feeding bowl

  1. Treats
  2. Crates
  3. Toys
  4. A Vet

These are the basics which must be considered available whenever we think of owning a dog or puppy.

Moreover, a dog or puppy coming into a new home might take a while to get itself together, we need not to panic or feel the dog isn’t fine. A dog or puppy can find the following uneasy in a new home,

Temperature: the new temperature in which they find themselves might be the same as where they just left, so we are expected to give it a little time to adapt to the new temperature of the new home.

Unfamiliarity with the new environment: like human reacts to new environment, so also do pups too. That is why we must make the environment as comfortable as possible for the puppy.

Stress: Sometimes, the puppy or dog might be transported from a farther distance to our location. We need to give the puppy/dog some time to relax and pull its strength to mingle together with the new faces its just seeing.

In conclusion, owning a dog requires much than thought. If a dog isn’t properly taken care of,we might loose them or they might go wild and feel no need of belonging to the home they are in.

If you adopt an adult, housetrained dog, it may have accidents at first. A few reasons:

  • Stress
  • A new schedule
  • Not knowing how to “ask” you to go out

The problem should go away in a few weeks, when your new pet gets used to the family routine.

It could be that your pooch isn’t well trained. Whether you have an adult dog or a puppy, you’ll need to teach him to do his business outside. Set a routine, watch your dog as much as you can, and have someone take him out if you’re going to be away.

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