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ROTTWEILERS are a breed of dog full of strength, highly spirited, active, aggressive if not trained and very intelligent. It requires good, thorough and consistent training and exercise to keep it healthy and burn down some energy. Rottweiler breed of dogs should not be locked in their crates.

Rottweiler are known for their strength and are mostly used for security. They need a lot of  training to keep them wherever we want them to be or do. There are various stages of training a Rottweiler to obedience which are as follows;

In training a Rottweiler successfully, this few things must be noted;

  • l You must be able to control your rottweilers attention.
  • l Consistency in training a rottweiler is very essential to get desired result by the handler or trainer.
  • l Bullying the dog to learn will never work, the dog will only feel maltreated.
  • l Frown at any silly deed by the dog even when it is not convenient.
  • l Your words or commands must go along side with your gestures.
  • l Perfect a command before moving to another.

Note: if there’s issue training a dog to be obedient, there’s a need to consider the above necessities. Make sure every training is done with positive reinforcement.








Sit: ensure the butt is on ground, and make sure the dogs eye is on you when making every commands.

Stand: ensure that the Four paws on the floor and the body raised up.

Go: ensure it walks in the indicated direction.

Down: ensure the Belly is on the ground and the head upright / straight up


Come: Move directly and closely to the trainer facing her head-on.

Stop: Halt.

Stay: in this command, the dog should Sit-stay, stand-stay, or down-stay for short period of time.

“Back.” Step backward.

“No.” Stop current action and focus on the trainer.


NO BITE: Teach the dog not to bite unless it feels insecure for security reasons.

NO CHEW: It is not suppose to chew on anything it finds but rather on foods and treats.

QUIET: It should be quiet when commanded to.


Note : All correctional measures are meant to be positive, not negative. But also actions, gestures must always co relate to our facial expressions while training our dog.

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